Beautiful seaweeds. Photo: Saskia Mulder

About seaweed 

There are around 10.000 different beautiful seaweed species in the world, divided into 3 groups: red, green and brown seaweeds. Most of them are edible and quite a lot have a very nice taste, they add an umami flavour to your dish. But they are not only beautiful and tasty, seaweeds are also very healthy because they contain a lot of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Seaweed is beautiful, tasty and healthy!


Seaweeds are very beautiful organisms to look at. The differences in colour, shape and structure are amazing and they form an interesting gradient from the splash zone into the deep sea. Each species has its own place in the ecosystem and they provide a home for organisms.

Seaweed cooking. Photo: Ottar Breivik Anderson


Umami is the fith flavour after sweet, sour, bitter and salt. Seaweed has a umami taste, which gives every dish a nice kick. You can use it as seasoning or as a replacement of salt. But you can also eat it like a sea vegatable in your soup or salad. The possibilities are endless, just try it!

Seaweed safari Runde. Photo Saskia Mulder


Seaweed is a fantastic ingredient as  it contains omega-3 fats, lots of vitamins (A, B, C, E) and minerals (iodine, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Zink, Iron and more). It is said that seaweed can help reduce cholesterol and the risk of diabetes.