Seaweed Festival

31st of May 2020

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we had to cancel the Seaweed festival for 2020.  Hopefully we will be able to organize a festival in 2021.

The Seaweed Festival or 'Tangfest', as we call it in Norwegian, will take place at Herøy Gård in Herøy kommune.

The festival is organized by Tango Seaweed and Møre-to-Sea.

Photo's taken by: Siv-Elin Naero

In 2020 the Seaweed Festival is organized after the seaweed harvest on the 31st of May. It is a celebration on seaweed and we would like to inspire and educate people from young to old on the use of this divers and beautiful organism. During the festival you will learn more on seaweed cultivation during a boat tour to the Tango Seaweed farm, we will take you out to the inter tidal area for seaweed foraging, there will be a lot of seaweed food to taste or you can learn to prepare it yourself. The program is also interesting for kids, with a small seaweed library,  drawing corner, and more.

We work together with the municipality, schools, clubs and other businesses are encouraged to participate in this unique festival.